XICHI inverter blowing machine application

Process requirements:
■ extruded film thickness by changing the main motor and the motor speed ratio of lead to take to complete, so the inverter steady state speed, high precision, speed fluctuations will cause the film
 thickness uniformity;
■ TAKE nip with two , two winding nip is required between the left and right tension control, different materials have different requirements of the tension, the tension should be adjusted independently;
■ rewinding shaft leans on the winding roller, relying on winding and rewinding roller friction between drive shaft rewinding shaft, which closed at the material feed axis, material tension
 has nothing to do with the roll diameter;
program Description:
■ using speed difference method for tension control;
■ use of high-speed pulse lead to take to ensure the mouth, two pinch roller, up roller proportional relationship between the basic synchronization, followed by tension potentiometer given a stacking velocity, so that it lines
  forming system speed difference velocity tension;
■ speed difference produces tension through the inverter work In open loop vector control speed mode, fast dynamic response, torque motor speed to overcome the tension is too small, slow tension
 is too large the situation;
■ speed control, the motor constant torque output.Line speed and the tension is constant, winding roller speed remains constant, not because of material size, load and other changes, so
 to overcome the torque motor from the air volume to full volume process, in order to maintain constant tension need to constantly adjust the output torque shortcomings.System is easy to operate.

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