XICHI inverter cutting machine on the application

1 Introduction
     In recent years, our paper and printing and packaging industry has achieved rapid development, is facing unprecedented great opportunities, but compared with the world's most advanced equipment, but also faces enormous challenges.Production equipment, production capacity is very strong, but our product is basically in the low-end market.The main reason is technical conditions.Currently to a large number of slitter still use magnetic brakes on for unwinding and rewinding tension control, limiting the device's speed, but also a waste of energy, and because the magnetic own life reasons, resulting in a high failure rate situation.
Shenzhen West Chi Electric launched CFC710 series inverter, can be constant tension control, and can control the tension taper, after winding layers to ensure uniform shape, but also greatly improves the speed of the cutting machine.2 slitter introduce     wide slitter is a kind of paper or film material cut into multiple narrow range of mechanical equipment, commonly used in paper-making machinery and printing and packaging machinery.Simple Slitter shown in Figure 1.

    Slitter traditional control scheme is to use a large motor driven retractable roll axis, the retractable reel plus a magnetic clutch, by adjusting the magnetic clutch current to control the resistance it generates to control the material surface tension.
     Magnetic clutch and brake is a special implementation of automation components, which is filled in by the working gap magnetic transfer torque, the field current can be changed to change the magnetic state of the magnetic powder, thereby regulating the transmission of torque.Can be used for variable speed from zero to synchronous speed for high-speed segment of small and medium power trim and speed control system.Also used to adjust the current methods used to ensure that the torque regulating winding tension during unwinding or rewinding to maintain a constant tension control system.
Its main feature is a magnetic clutch resistance means, the system control to output a DC voltage, the resistance generated magnetic clutch control.The main advantage is that it is a passive device, the tension can be controlled smaller.Its main disadvantage is that speed is not high, the high-speed operation could easily lead to magnetic high friction, high temperature, causing the magnetic clutch heat can shorten its life.3 XICHI inverter controls on the slitterprogram Description:      Use XICHI universal inverter drive roller, controlled cutting machine running speed, it can work in open loop vector work.Primary speed can generally potentiometer to adjust.AO1 output port as the operating frequency, as the unwinding inverter, upper and lower winding drive line speed reference.Unwinding and winding drive inverter to use special inverter XICHI tension.These three are required to operate at the drive loop vector mode, working in tension open-loop mode.      XICHI Electrical CFC710 series inverter is a constant tension control can be achieved inverter, inverter internal calculations can be obtained material roll diameter by controlling the inverter output torque to get the constant tension control.XICHI inverter can set the system inertia compensation, friction compensation and material inertia compensation can compensate for the system inertia, friction resistance and material inertia caused by the start or during acceleration speed uneven situation, to obtain very smooth tension control.Simple solution, debugging easier.And constant tension control largely unaffected by the impact velocity, can achieve high-speed cutting.   Because vector control inverter torque control accuracy than 5% of the rated torque, so when the tension is too controlling, in the air volume output of the inverter should be small torque, more difficult.Debugging Fact Sheet:      use XICHI inverter control for slitting, it is recommended to use drag spindle motor direct way without installing deceleration devices.Main reason is to control the amount of tension inverter control ultimately output torque, torque is the product of tension and roll diameter, roll in the air, the output torque is minimized.If the reduction ratio is N, converted to the drive torque is the torque / N, if less than 5% of the nominal motor torque, then the control is not accurate enough.      When debugging, the first three volumes will drive retractable loop vector mode debugging normal, otherwise unable to complete the follow-up torque control.In this process, the most common problems is the encoder signal is not input, rotary encoders A, B in reverse direction, the encoder pulse number is entered incorrectly.Manifestations of these types of problems are mainly running speed and input speed deviation is large or motor running current low motility and a larger difference with the actual load current.      Unwinding control is really just to provide a reverse drive tensioning force, so the control accuracy is not required.Debugging is relatively simple.About zero speed reverse taut, West Chi inverter can provide two options, one is allowed to reverse tensioning function, manifestation is at zero speed if the run command is not removed, the drive motor can be controlled has been the material taut to avoid just started running loose material caused due to the speed of impact, the material to pull off.Another option to disallow reverse tightened at zero speed if the run command is not removed, the inverter is no torque output.Materials may be loose, but can feed off the coaster to avoid the situation.      Winding drive operates in torque control mode, the acceleration and deceleration process, the need to provide additional torque to overcome the inertia of the system.If not compensated, will appear small tension during winding tension during deceleration larger phenomenon.If the tension is smaller when starting, increase the system inertia compensation coefficient.Mainly to overcome friction compensation during the entire run of friction due to system exists on the impact of the tension can be compensated by adjusting the friction coefficient to complete.If normal operation is less than set tension material tension, then the friction compensation coefficient increases.Also to compensate for the material on the reel inertia generated, by setting the density and width of the drive current to calculate the moment of inertia of the material.When debugging an appropriate taper tension setting, you can control the quality of the material curl, tight to avoid any loose outer happen.      Many cases, access to the system volume diameter calculation obtained through linear speed, and the roll diameter is calculated the output torque of the direct factor, so the correct setting the maximum line speed is critical.Debugging can be verified by the inverter displays the current volume diameter and the actual roll diameter, to determine the set maximum line speed is correct.If the display of the current volume diameter greater than the actual volume diameter, it indicates that the set maximum line speed is too large.     By setting a few more than the amount of compensation that can effectively change the system inertia effects on addition and subtraction.Set the appropriate tension winding can achieve better control.Conclusion      Because the inverter to control the volume control retractable slitters magnetic overcome the inherent weaknesses of the control of the high-speed slitting become a reality, but also improves the reliability of the equipment, from a cost and there is no excessive increase Therefore, more and more customers began to use the drive to achieve slitter control.



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