XICHI inverter in the composite machine application

1,system solutions:
  composite machine is the process by some method, the two or more layers of material together to form an integral material of new equipment.After the composite material after the material has the advantage on the one hand to maintain the original, but also to make up for the shortcomings of each other.Its motor drive system is mainly composed of plastic, composite motors, motor winding and unwinding motor components, respectively, withCFC610andCFC710control.As shown:

Programme Description:
■ this scenario are winding and unwinding tension with the West Chi special inverter to control, work in open loop torque mode, you can achieve constant tension control;
■ composite motor drive inverter to control XICHI CFC610, Host speed potentiometer or deceleration button controls.Recommended to use buttons to control acceleration and deceleration speed,
 so that the acceleration and deceleration process is more stable.And to achieve more in the composite machine, remote control, more user-friendly operation;
■ glue used XICHI motor drive inverter to control, CFC610 output terminals AO1 functioning as the primary drive on the plastic speed reference.Pendulum potentiometer analog input channels through V2 as the PID feedback amount.Glue on the main frequency inverter frequency source V1 and auxiliary frequency source (PID) superimposed manner.By adjusting the process parameters of the PID, very stable results can be obtained.Gluing the addition of another jog frequency signals can be individually controlled roller operation;
■ system structure is simple, just two inverter can achieve speed synchronization control;
■ easy commissioning with a wide range of parameters, equilibrium position on the floating roller can be controlled by the inverter parameters to control;
■ Speed control is achieved through the built-in PID, processing speed, floating roller, good stability, especially during acceleration and deceleration dancer stable and effective containment material deviation phenomenon.



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