Compressor energy saving program

Industry Overview

 By the motor air compressor is a gas compressed in the compression chamber and to the compressed gas has a pressure device. Its wide range of uses, can be used in metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, mining, electricity, textile, petrochemical and other industries. Compressor representing large industrial equipment (fans, pumps, boilers, air compressors, etc.) power consumption by 15%. After inspection, the majority of the air compressor itself there are several drawbacks:

 1, the output pressure is greater than a certain value, the valve automatically opens and Unloading make asynchronous motor idling, serious waste of energy.

 2, asynchronous motor Yi frequent starting, stopping, affecting motor life.

 3, poor working conditions, noise.

 4, low degree of automation, the output pressure regulating valve opening by artificially achieved, adjust the speed is slow, volatile, unstable and low accuracy.

 5, air compressor frequency starting current, large impact on the grid, the motor bearing wear, equipment maintenance volume.

 To solve the above problem, you can use the drive screw air compressors to achieve energy-saving, high degree of automation after transformation, energy-saving effect is remarkable

 Working principle and control analysis

 Screw air compressor works as shown below, the air through the air filter and the suction valve and inhalation. The regulating valve is mainly used to adjust the cylinder, rotor and vane formed by compression chamber, yin and yang, the rotor rotates eccentrically with respect to the cylinder operation. The rotor vane slot, and by centrifugal force to push the slide to the cylinder wall and efficient lubrication system to ensure proper cooling and lubricating the compressor minimum comfortable consumption of the cylinder wall is formed with a thin The film prevents direct contact between the metal parts caused by wear. The compressed air temperature is higher, which mixed with a certain amount of oil and gas, through the oil separator for separation, oil and gas through the oil cooler and then back into the tank through the oil filter, air passes through the air cooler (air-cooling device ) into the cooling tank.

  System Solutions Selection

  Our system uses a series of permanent magnet brushless DC motor XCCM and CP series controller has the following features:

  1, stepless speed adjusting motor speed under pressure to make compressor output pressure stability.

  2, strong overload capacity: 150% rated current 60s; 180% rated current 1s.

  3, stall control function: It can prevent frequent overcurrent and overvoltage trip.

  4, built-in PID: closed-loop control system can be easily achieved.

  5, automatic energy saving, light load motor running at low speed to achieve energy savings.

  6, the installation of the controller input line reactor, can effectively inhibit the interference on the grid controller.

  Program benefits

  1, save energy, permanent magnet brushless motor and controller system controls the compressor compared with conventional compressors, according to the amount of air compressor needs to regulate working conditions are very economical running, the most significant energy saving effect.

  2, reduce operating costs, the running costs of traditional compressor composed by the three initial procurement costs, maintenance costs and energy costs. Energy costs which accounts for 70% of the cost of the compressor is running around. Reduce energy costs by 30% to 40%, together with soft start and to reduce the impact of equipment operation, maintenance and repair following amount reduced, so operating costs will be greatly reduced.

  3, to improve the accuracy pressure control, permanent magnet brushless motor and controller system with a precise pressure control, by adjusting the motor speed of the compressor output air pressure air system with the user to match the desired volume, so that the pipe network system to maintain a constant pressure within the range, and effectively improve the quality of the working conditions.

  4, to extend compressor life and realize the soft start, starting current, starting the compressor to reduce the electrical parts, mechanical parts, and the impact of the grid, enhance system reliability, extend the life of the compressor.

  5, low noise air compressor, the compressor's working conditions, energy transformation, the motor speed is slowed down, thus effectively lowering the noise of the compressor is running.

  Brushless DC Motor Performance:

  1, permanent magnet brushless DC motor AC servo motor only has simple structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance, but also with DC servo motor speed characteristics as well without mechanical commutator, is now widely used in various tone speed drive applications.

  2, low speed high torque operation, eliminating the need for gear, direct drive large loads, small starting current.

  3, synchronous operation, power factor theoretical value 1, the electrical efficiency, high efficiency bandwidth.

  4, the use of high-performance permanent magnet motor power density, small size and light weight.

  5, reactive power loss, low speed heat a small, energy-saving effect, in applications requiring a wide speed range, saving efficiency of 30% to 60%.

  Brushless Motor Controller Performance:

  1, high-speed or high-performance DSP digital signal processor chip as a control unit;

  2, support for user control and operating parameters set to achieve a variety of control and flexible operation mode;

  3, perseverance speed operation, constant torque, open-loop operation and other control methods;

  4, the use of soft-start to start, so start more smoothly and without starting a large current impact;

  5, the operation panel displays real-time status of the controller's job to facilitate inspection and maintenance;

  6, using phase current control to achieve maximum torque output, effectively preventing instantaneous overcurrent impact damage, to ensure reliability;

  7, using PID control algorithm, operation and diverse, LED digital tube display, you can modify the parameters and fault code display;

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