XICHI inverter Straight wire drawing machine application

1 Introduction
  metal products in the metallurgical industry is an important part of the industry in our country is a weak link, machinery, electrical equipment obsolete, hindering the development of the industry.In metal processing, Straight wire drawing machine is a common, usually used in previous DC generator - motor unit (FD systems) to achieve, now with the technology advances and drive a lot of popularity, frequency control started Straight wire drawing machine, heavy use, and can be achieved through the PLC drawing varieties settings, operational automation, process control, real-time closed-loop control, automatic meter functions.
Frequency control system Straight wire drawing machine with advanced technology, significant energy saving, speed range of 30:1 during normal working hours, while 5% of the rated speed to provide more than 1.5 times the rated torque.
2, Straight wire drawing machine inverter control system
  of the Straight wire drawing machine is mainly on finishing out of stainless steel wire for drafting, design process requirements are: (a) maximum drawing speed 600m/min; (2) processing varieties three, namely outlet line 2.8mm → 1.2mm, 2.5mm → 1.0mm, 2.0mm → 0.8mm; (3) Emergency stop decapitated more than two.
  Straight wire drawing machine is the drawing machine in a difficult to control, because it is more than one motor simultaneously stretching the wire, high efficiency operation.Unlike previous tank drawing machine frequently encountered and looper drawing machine, allowing the wire to slip in between each runner mold.Synchronous motor while its resistance and fast dynamic response have higher requirements.Since the material properties of stainless steel more brittle, the lack of high carbon steel wire or steel cord like that kind of toughness, it is easier to pull off during operation.
  The system consists of eight sets 11KW inverter.The electrical system is configured as a looper, installed in the first stage, the role of the roll to the brushed stainless steel wire traction part, due to the looper can freely slip, so it does not require special motor control.Drawing part of a total six 400mm diameter drum.Each drum is mounted between the cylinder for detecting the position of the arm, by the displacement sensor can detect the position of the arm, the time when the strands borne, the wire will swing arm cylinder at a pressure such that the arm down .Eventually winding motor, the part of the conical sliding bracket with self, the whole process does not change the basic roll diameter, so no need to use coil diameter calculation functions.Eight motor power using the inverter dedicated motor, but with a mechanical braking device.
  Straight wire drawing machine logic control system is more complex, there are a variety of linkage between realized by the PLC.Synchronization aspects of control are all in the West Chi CFC610 series inverter internally and not rely on external control.
  Its working principle is: the decision based on the operator panel setting in operation speed, which the analog signal into the PLC, PLC after the time to consider the acceleration and deceleration slope in accordance with certain outputs the analog signal.The main purpose of doing so is to meet jog, wearing silk and some jobs require.PLC output analog voltage signal V1 also received all the inverter input as the speed of the main setpoint signal.Each arm displacement sensor signal access to the corresponding drum drive inverter PID control as the feedback signal.According to the position of the arm in the middle, set yourself a PID setpoint.This system is very typical with feedforward PID control system, a string of one, PID tuning as the amount.
  Chose CFC610 series inverter, is that it can easily follow the main speed plus PID tuning function without additional control panel.
  Because the system depends largely on the stability of PID action, so tuning its parameters must be considered thoroughly, at low speed, high speed, acceleration and deceleration, etc. are taken into account.Also in this system must be added to the differential limiter.

3 Conclusion
The system is optimized parameter values, the device test machine speed 600 m / min is very stable, completely solve the original high-speed synchronous plate beneath instability problems (originally only open to 300 m / min).By comparison tests under various conditions, and the use of imported DC drives, like drawing machine performance while equipment efficiency is 90-95%, saving rate of 40%.The system configuration of electrical devices and concise, logical, cost compared with the original there is a large reduction is indeed a good cost-effective solution.


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