CMC-SX series soft starter

CMC-SX series Hanxian intelligent soft starter features:

1. Multiple starting modes: current limiting soft start, voltage index curve, voltage linear curve, current exponential curve, current linear curve, and programmable kick start torque and starting current limit can be applied in each mode. According to different loads, the corresponding starting curve can be selected to achieve a good starting effect. The basic algorithm makes the motor start and stop more accurate and smooth.

2, advanced communication function: equipped with RS485 communication interface, convenient user network connection control, improve system automation level and reliability. The Modbus/Profibus standard protocol is optional for easy configuration of connections.

3. Analog signal control: The user can input 4-20mA or 0-20mA standard signal, and can set the upper and lower limits of the analog quantity on the operation panel to realize the start and stop control and alarm of the motor. Data (pressure, temperature, flow, etc.) can also be transmitted via a soft starter. have

4-20mA or 0-20mA standard signal output function.

4. Strong anti-interference: All external control signals are optically isolated and set with different anti-noise levels to suit the industrial environment.

5. Two-parameter function: The soft starter has two sets of different power motor control parameters and can control two motors of different powers.

6, a variety of parking modes programmable soft parking, free parking, brakes, soft stop + brakes. 7, power frequency adaptive: power frequency 50/60Hz adaptive function.

8, dynamic fault memory: more than 15 faults can be recorded.

9, perfect protection function: full detection of current and load parameters, with overcurrent, overload, underload, overheat, phase failure, short circuit, three-phase current imbalance, phase sequence detection, leakage detection and other microcomputer protection functions.

10. Friendly man-machine interface: LCD liquid crystal display panel with two display interfaces in Chinese and English.


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